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Monday, February 26, 2018

Suicide Before Court-Martial

Q: How does one facing court-martial remain hopeful of acquittal?

Being accused of a sex crime in the military can be overwhelmingly frightening. There is a tendency for the public to rush to judgment against you. There is also public pressure on the military to show it has “zero tolerance” for sexually-based crimes. It’s no wonder it’s hard for those accused to feel hopeful about beating such charges.
Hiring a skilled military court-martial defense attorney may be your best chance at being acquitted because, unlike a free military attorney, they have the time, resources, and passion to fight on your behalf-- free of any potential external political influences. Oftentimes, the free court-appointed attorney from the trial defense service is inexperienced, overworked, and without access to the same resources a civilian military defense attorney—and the prosecution—has access to. 
While it's best to have the right attorney on board from the start, a skilled court-martial appeals attorney may be able to overturn your conviction. 
With honor being the cornerstone of the military and integral part of any falsely-accused service member's fabric, the fear and shame of a court-martial and the punishment a conviction might impact can lead to tragic consequences.
Reportedly, a naval command Master Chief awaiting "a special court-martial on abusive sexual conduct, fraternization, and false official statement charges" recently committed suicide two months before his scheduled day in court.
It's important that those accused of a crime realize that a skilled court-martial attorney may be able to obtain an acquittal or advocate for you to obtain the best possible outcome. Even in cases where the evidence against you may at first appearance seem overwhelming. Mistakes in procedure or procurement of evidence may have been made that could result in evidence being inadmissible.
If you are or believe you might be, facing a military court-martial, the civilian military defense attorneys at Elkus, Sisson & Rosenstein, P.C. can help you. Contact us today for a free consultation. 
From our offices in Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado, we represent service members accused of crimes in all ranks, in all branches, anywhere in the world.

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