In the Face of Adversity
Our firm is dedicated to providing world class representation to service members and veterans worldwide. Whether our clients are in the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Korea, Japan, Germany or other international locations, our exceptional military defense attorneys are trial tested and provide world class representation.

Sexual Misconduct Defense

If you are facing allegations of sexual misconduct, it is important that you receive advice from a competent military lawyer at the earliest possible juncture. Hiring a civilian military defense attorney that is an expert in this area means your defense will not be solely in the hands of an inexperienced JAG that is unfamiliar with sexual misconduct cases.

Early intervention by a competent military lawyer can significantly alter the course and the outcome of your case.

We adhere to the formula of providing

Exceptional representation

Court Martial Defense

If you might be facing a military court-martial, the time to secure an experienced attorney is now. Attorneys at our firm have years of experience defending service members facing the most serious allegations. With years of trial experience on high profile cases and experience aggressively fighting on behalf of clients in both the trial and appellate courts, we offer our clients facing courts-martial top-tier representation.

Court Martial Appeals

Military members are entitled to legal representation during appellate review. Our attorneys have experience litigating some of the most complex and high profile military appeals. Aggressively fighting on behalf of clients, our attorneys have the experience to formulate keen legal arguments to benefit clients. Contact us immediately if you are a member of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard and want to appeal your conviction.

Administrative Separations​

If you are facing involuntary administrative discharge or separation, oftentimes you have the right to a hearing and representation by an attorney. Similarly, if you have already been discharged, it’s likely you can still appeal your discharge, the reason for the discharge, and your reenlistment eligibility.

Military Administrative Actions

Often, clear and promising strategies can be identified and planned during a brief first meeting between a service person facing an administrative action and an experienced attorney. To learn more about your options following a GOMOR, LOR or other administrative action, contact an administrative action attorney.

Worldwide Representation

Being located in Colorado means we can easily get to any base in the United States, even those in Alaska and Hawaii, relatively quickly thanks to our central location and major airport in Denver. It also means we have more flight options when we need to quickly travel to assist a client in locations such as Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Korea, Japan, Philippians, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Honduras, Australia, or Saudi Arabia.

No matter where you are stationed or whether you serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, if you are, or believe you might be facing a military court-martial or military legal actions, you should secure an experienced attorney that will aggressively fight for you as soon as possible.

Military Court Martial Attorney Ryan Coward

Mr. Coward is a sophisticated trial attorney who has litigated some of the nation’s highest profile military cases. Most recently representing Army Major Nidal Hasan in the pre-trial phases of his capital court-martial and SSG Robert Bales on the post-trial phases of his court-martial, Mr. Coward has experience litigating the most complicated death penalty, murder, sexual assault and complex military cases under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Mr. Coward has represented hundreds of service members worldwide and he has won numerous trial verdicts.