Officer Separation Boards

The court martial attorneys at Aviso Law LLC are skilled in representing military officers that are facing officer separation boards, sometimes known as “officer show cause boards.” Administrative separation is a serious matter for all military members, even officers. This type of elimination can lead to problems finding future employment and obtaining veteran’s benefits, among other things. If you are facing elimination by an officer separation board in any branch of the military, our attorneys can help.

What is Administrative Separation?

Administrative separation is a process by which the military terminates a service member’s employment.  Termination can be pursued because the member did not meet a specific requirement or engaged in misconduct, among others things.  In the case of misconduct, a proceeding of this kind can be brought in lieu of a court martial.  Administrative separation has the same repercussions for officers as it does for other enlisted military members.  Being separated can lead to a discharge with an unfavorable characterization.  As officers are held to a higher standard of conduct than any other members, a small indiscretion can lead to an administrative separation.  Actually, as a military shrinks, it is not uncommon to see officers discharged for small mistakes.  You should not lose your good reputation and the benefits you are owed as a result of a minor error.  The attorneys at Aviso Law LLC can assist you in fighting for your rights so that this does not happen.

As an officer, you will be informed that you are facing a separation when you receive an Administrative Separation Processing Notice.  After you are put on notice you usually have the right to request a formal proceeding called an officer separation board or board of inquiry.  It is imperative that you contact a civilian attorney at this juncture to ensure that you do not waive any of your rights.  Also, these proceedings can be scheduled quickly, and an attorney will need time to put together a case.  The officer separation board will be comprised of at least three military officers and is very much like a trial proceeding.  You will face a military attorney and have the chance to present evidence, take the stand, question and cross examine witnesses.   The board can then recommend retention or separation, as well as the character of any discharge, although the specific branch makes the final decision.

The attorneys at Aviso Law LLC will make the best case for retention in order to keep you in your position.  But, if retention is unlikely, the attorneys will fight for the most favorable discharge possible.  

Administrative separation can have serious effects on all areas of your life, including your career, your ability to get an education and your livelihood.  Therefore, it is important to have a veteran attorney on your side.  If you are a military officer and are facing an administrative separation, contact the Denver and Colorado Springs attorneys at Aviso Law LLC today by calling (303)567-7981 for a free consultation today. 


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