Military Criminal Appeal Attorney

The court martial attorneys at Aviso Law LLC are experienced in representing military men and women before the Courts of Criminal Appeals.  Each branch of the military has a designated Court of Criminal Appeals.  This includes the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.  If you are a military member and were subject to court martial or pleaded guilty to criminal charges, you may be eligible to appeal your case in one of these courts.  Our Colorado attorneys can represent you before these courts and strive for a favorable outcome in every case.

While not everyone that faces criminal charges is eligible for appeal, many are.  Military members that were sentenced to two years or more months of confinement, or received a punitive discharge (Bad Conduct Discharge or Dishonorable Discharge), are entitled to an automatic appeal of their case.  This means that the designated Criminal Appeals Court will automatically review your case regardless of whether you pleaded guilty or went to trial.  Most defendants are also entitled to court appointed appellate counsel.  But, many of these attorneys are young and inexperienced.  That is why it is important to retain a civilian attorney to assist with your appeal.  Our attorneys have years of experience in this area and can give you the best chance of having your conviction overturned.  

The attorneys are Aviso Law LLC regularly represent clients in appeals to these higher courts and are therefore skilled in identifying the appellate issues.  Issues can either be factual or legal.  Because these appeals are automatic, these courts preside over a high volume of cases, and it is therefore imperative that an appellate attorney identify issues that will grab the courts attention.  Otherwise, the court will most likely issue a standard opinion affirming the decision of the lower court.  Our attorneys are on top of the pertinent legal issues at all times and know which to highlight in order to be noticed.

Our Court-Martial Appeals Attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with a full and complete appeal.  As such, they spend significant time reviewing lower court transcripts, identifying the issues that will work for the client, investigating the case further and preparing oral arguments if necessary.  We work hard to make the most out of the automatic appeal process. 

Issues that arise during an ongoing case can also be appealed.  These are called interlocutory appeals and are argued in the various Courts of Criminal Appeals.  Our attorneys are also veterans in handling these matters and have litigated some of the highest profile interlocutory appeals in recent years.

Being convicted of a military crime can have serious career and criminal consequences.  It is therefore important that you hire skilled and knowledgeable counsel to increase the likelihood that your conviction will be reversed on appeal.  The Denver and Colorado Springs attorneys at Aviso Law LLC assist clients all over the country and the world, and can represent you before the designated Court of Criminal Appeal for your branch.  Contact us today by calling (719) 247-3111 for a free consultation. 


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