Practice Areas

Court Martial Defense

Being accused of a crime is a horrible experience. The ordeal can have a lasting impact on your reputation, career, family life, and freedom. Being accused of a crime in the military can be an even more traumatic experience because of the unique nature of the proceedings.

Administrative Separation

An involuntary administrative separation, also known as an administrative discharge, is not something you should take lightly. Not only does an involuntary administrative separation end your military career, it can limit your access to military benefits and hurt your ability to get hired to the civilian workforce or admitted to college.

Court Martial Appeals

All service members convicted by court-martial are entitled to appeal their case to a higher decision-making body for review. Some appeals may proceed all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Administrative Action

While the UCMJ governs criminal misconduct in our military, non-criminal misconduct is governed by a complex assortment of statutes, orders and service regulations known as military administrative law. Military administrative law allows superiors in a chain of command to censure a service member’s conduct or draw attention to a service member’s conduct.  These actions can lead to more serious consequences such as a reduction in rank, placement in correctional custody, loss of pay, extra duty or additional restrictions.


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