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Our firm is dedicated to providing world class representation to service members and veterans worldwide.  With the ideology of providing sophisticated top-tier legal services, we strive to lead our competitors in the representation of military men and women.  Unlike any other firm, our attorneys have experience litigating the nation’s most complex and highest profile cases.  Combined with our years of appellate representation in the military’s appellate courts, we offer clients the ability to fight court-martial charges in a way that is unmatched.

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In order to provide the finest representation to our clients, we adhere to the formula of providing exceptional representation to a limited number clients.  This model allows us take less cases and focus on providing military members with a full array of court-martial defense services tailored specifically to their case.  These services include but are not limited to: in-depth investigations, access to our network of internationally recognized experts, extensive trial preparation, aggressive Article 32 representation, offensive court-martial appellate representation and a team of court-martial defense attorneys devoted specifically to your case.

Unlike attorneys from the trial defense service, and unlike “high volume” firms, our attorneys have the sophistication and ability to help clients fight back and not simply accept a guilty plea.  Our court-martial defense attorneys help clients develop an individualized defense tailored to their specific case and objectives.   Whether our clients are in the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Korea, Japan, Germany or other international locations, our exceptional military defense attorneys are trial tested and provide world class representation.

What Are The Grounds For A Court Martial?

The Uniformed Code of Military Justice outlines several offenses that can lead to a court martial trial, including:

  • AWOL/Desertion – Unauthorized absence from duty.
  • Disobeying orders – Failure to follow lawful orders from superiors.
  • Dereliction of duty – Negligently failing to perform duties.
  • Disrespecting superiors – Inappropriate conduct toward officers.
  • Assault, battery – Physical violence against others.
  • Larceny, theft – Unauthorized taking of property.
  • Adultery, fraternization – Improper relationships.
  • False statements – Lying or falsifying records.
  • Drug offenses – Illegal use, possession, or distribution.
  • Conduct unbecoming – Dishonorable behavior.

Serious charges can result in general court martial with stiff penalties. Lesser offenses may warrant summary or special court martial.

What Are The Punishments For A Court Martial Conviction?

Possible punishments for a court martial conviction include:

  • Prison time – Duration depends on the offense. Can range from a few months to life.
  • Dishonorable discharge – Dismissal from military service.
  • Bad conduct discharge – Separation under less than honorable conditions.
  • Demotion – Loss of rank/promotion.
  • Forfeiture of pay – Loss of military salary and benefits.
  • Fines and restitution
  • Reprimand – Formal letter of admonishment in service record.
  • Restriction – Loss of liberties like confinement to base.

Punishments are imposed at the discretion of the court martial panel based on the specifics of the case. An attorney can argue for mitigation.

Why Choose Aviso Law LLC?

While your court appointed Judge Advocate from the trial defense service may be inexperienced and eager to accept a guilty plea, we have the experience to take your case to trial.  Though we always negotiate on behalf of our clients to get the best possible deal on the table, our court-martial defense attorneys have years of experience standing up to military, turning down one-sided plea offers and forcing prosecutors to prove their case. 

While many other firms charge high prices for mediocre representation, our firm limits the number of cases we take in order to provide clients with personalized top-tier service.  This allows us to give each client the time and attention they deserve in order to truly prepare the best defense possible.  Our tailored services provide clients with unparalleled representation that can’t be matched. 

No matter how bad the evidence seems, our military law attorneys have successfully tried cases involving confessions, photographic and video evidence, DNA evidence and even multiple eyewitness statements.  This is because we devote every resource towards exploiting weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and forcing inexperience and overzealous prosecutors and commanders to trial.  With our access to world-renowned expert witnesses, our military defense attorneys will work with you and the experts to develop an aggressive trial strategy. 

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Whether you are facing court-martial, appealing a conviction, fighting an administrative action or separation or challenging your rights under USERRA, our military attorneys will provide you with personalized high-end representation that is not offered by our competitors.  Our firm has built its reputation on results and we get those results by providing top-tier services to our clients.  Contact us today to speak with a military law attorney.

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