Sailors Accused of Filming Shower Videos Court-Martialed

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The submarine branch is one of the last communities in the service still largely restricted to men. Unfortunately, the Navy’s goal of integrating females into the ranks took a major hit recently when it was revealed that several sailors aboard the USS Wyoming had filmed, and were sharing with others, videos of female officers and midshipmen undressing and showering.

So far, seven sailors have been court-martialed over the videos. They have been charged with everything from sexual misconduct to conspiracy and making false statements. It is possible that additional sailors will be pulled in as investigations continue since it is being reported that the videos were traded “like Pokemon” for energy drinks and other items.

The four sailors that have pled guilty so far have all been sentenced to jail time. 

Petty Officer 3rd Class Brandon McGarity, pled guilty to failing to report the videos to superiors. He received 15 days confinement and a reduction in rank.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Joseph A. Bradley received 30 days confinement and a reduction in rank after pleading guilty to sharing the videos. 

Petty Officer 2nd Class Charles Greaves, who pleaded guilty to recording the female officers, received two years in prison and a dishonorable discharge.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Cody Shoemaker received 18 months in prison and a bad-conduct discharge after admitting that he twice recorded his female colleagues. 

The Associated Press reports that during Shoemaker’s sentencing Lt. Cmdr. Lee Marsh, a Navy prosecutor, asked the judge to “send a message to that submarine force that all sailors, male and female, will be treated with dignity and respect.”

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