Possible Court Martial for Senior Airman at Robins Air Force Base

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A senior airman with the United States Air Force is suspected of killing his fiance and their unborn child. The body of the airmen’s fiance, Tameda Ferguson, was found in August 2013 in her home in Dawson, Georgia. She was eight and a half months pregnant at the time of her death. The airman was stationed at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia and it is reported that the two were romantically involved and engaged to be married.

The airman was arrested in August 2013 after two days of police investigation into the murder of Ferguson and their unborn child. He then requested that the case be turned over to the Air Force. Police suspected that he killed his fiance and unborn child in hopes of receiving $1 Million Dollars in insurance proceeds.

The airman is facing a variety of serious charges in this matter and in others. With regard to the murder of Ferguson, he is facing charges of murder, death of an unborn child and obstruction of justice. In another matter, a fire in 2011, he is facing charges of felony murder, aggravated arson and burning with the intent to defraud. An incident with a female Air Force Officer in 2012 has also led to charges of assault, intentionally discharging a firearm and communicating a threat.

The Air Force now has to decide whether a court martial is warranted here and if the airman should face the death penalty due to the aggravated circumstances. There is some concern about his ability to retain competent representation in these matters. It seems his current attorney is new to military trials. The Air Force has said that it will appoint an attorney to represent him if he faces the death penalty. It is unclear if one will be appointed if the death penalty is not sought as he is facing serious charges regardless of the punishment.

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