Marine Accused of Accidental Shooting to Face Court Martial

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Just as in the civilian criminal justice system, not all members of the military purposefully commit crimes.  In a career where the use of a firearm is required it is inevitable that accidents will happen.  Although military members are extensively trained in firearm use and safety, there is always a possibility that someone can get hurt or killed unintentionally.  This is exactly what happened in North Carolina earlier this year.

Corporal Brandon Little of the United States Marine Corps is accused of accidentally shooting another Marine, Corporal Mark N. Boterf.  The two were stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and were working together at the main gate when the accident occurred.  They were inside the guard shack when Little’s M4 rifle discharged by mistake.  Boterf was hit in the chest and died later at the hospital.

Boterf, 21, originally from Texas, was stationed at the camp to work with the 2nd Radio Battalion.  He was later transferred to the Headquarters and Support Battalion to work as a Marine sentry.  He volunteered to work at the main gate after another Marine requested leave to get married.  He had been serving in the Marine Corps since 2012.

Little has been charged with dereliction of duty, involuntary manslaughter and negligent homicide and is now facing a court martial.  He has entered into a pre-trial agreement and therefore no Article 32 proceeding will take place. The crimes he is accused of carry harsh penalties including up to 10 years confinement and dishonorable discharge.  

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