Important Resources for Veterans in Colorado

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What are some agencies that offer assistance to those who have served our country?

The men and women of the United States Military risk their lives to ensure our safety.  Recognizing this tremendous sacrifice and some of the difficulties veterans may face when reintegrating to civilian life, the state of Colorado and the federal government offer several resources aimed at helping veterans.  These resources include agencies that assist veterans in the areas of employment, health, and housing.  Further, many businesses offer veterans discounts to honor their service.  The following is a look at some of the resources for veterans and their families in Colorado.  Active military members needing assistance with a pending court-martial case or administrative action should contact our Colorado court martial defense attorneys.


  1. Workforce Centers:  All Colorado employment offices provide veterans with priority service for employment, training, and placement.  Offices are located across the state.
  2. Connecting Colorado:  Colorado’s state employment office provides a system to match employers to employees based on job skills and titles.
  3. U.S.  Department of Labor:, which is partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor, assists vets in finding employment.  Their comprehensive services include resume help and career advice, along with courses to help vets learn new skills.


  1. Colorado Coalition for the Homeless:  This state program will provide veterans with 24 months of transitional housing if the VA refers them.  Vets may be required to pay a portion of the program depending on their income.
  2. A.C.T.S. Resource Center:  This resource center in Denver offers support to veterans needing housing assistance or reintegration help.
  3. VA Benefits:  Veterans are eligible for a variety of benefits, including home loans, disability compensation, insurance, and more.  Veterans should contact a county veteran’s service office for more information.


  1. Disability Benefits:  Veterans with disabilities or medical conditions incurred or aggravated during service may be eligible to receive monthly benefits.  Visit the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs for help with applying for benefits.
  2. VA Insurance:  All veterans are eligible for VA healthcare.  Visit your local VA medical center or clinic, or contact the VA by phone to apply for coverage.

Other Resources

  1. Banking:  The USAA offers military members and their families with financial benefits, including banking and investing opportunities.
  2. Veterans Advantage:  Anyone who has served in the military can join Veterans Advantage for a range of benefits and discounts at local businesses.
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