Commissioned Officer in San Diego Accused of Domestic Violence and Adultery What should you do if you’re court-martialed?

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Capt. Jameson P. Hustek, a commissioned officer at Marine Corps Art Station Miramar in San Diego, California is being sent to court-martial after being accused of several serious offenses. Not only does he stand accused of physically attacking his wife on several occasions. He is also charged with multiple counts of adultery. In addition, he is also accused of trying to cover up his misdeeds with bribery and threats. Facing a court martial is a frightening experience because it means that you are facing harsh penalties, a permanently tarnished reputation, and terrible stress and shame for you and your family. In order to protect your freedom, your financial stability, and your loved ones, it is imperative that you engage the services of a capable, experienced court martial attorney.

The Specific Charges Against Capt. Hustek

The sheer number of charges against Capt. Hustek makes the risks he is confronting abundantly clear. He is accused by the Corps of eight violent assaults against his wife in late 2015, consisting of:

  • Twice bending her wrist forcibly and painfully

  • Twice lifting her off the ground and suspending her in the air

  • Twice striking her in the head

  • Once threatening her by placing a knife near her neck

  • Once hitting her forcefully on the arm

In addition, he is accused of adultery with three different women in three different states during the period between October 2012 and mid-September 2015. It should be remembered that, while adultery is widely tolerated (even though frowned upon) in the civilian world, it is strictly prohibited in the military and punished as a crime. In one of Hustek’s extramarital relationships, a month-long 2014 affair with a woman in Nashville, he is also accused of engaging in “conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman.” His other two alleged adulterous affairs took place in Florida and California.

Alleged Cover-Up Attempts

Beyond these offenses, it is charged that Capt. Hustek made illegal attempts to cover up his crimes by:

  • Admitting to an unnamed witness that he had forwarded a message to himself “to keep as leverage in case I need it” or [she tries] “to do something crazy”

  • Threatening to harm a witness if the witness reported Hustek’s criminal behavior to commanders

  • Promising “tons of money” to another witness in order to get that witness’s cooperation

This past November, Maj. Gen. Mark Wise, commander of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, convened a court martial, but the date of the trial has not yet been set. In the meantime, Hustek is free on his own recognizance and remains on active duty. His attorney has said, ““We’re contesting the charges and will continue to vigorously contest them going forward.”

Why Such Charges Must Be Taken Seriously

The military is no stranger to spousal abuse. The Pentagon’s annual study of domestic abuse released last May showed an uptick in incidents and victims, following the pattern of the past several years. There were nine fatalities of spouses or intimate partners in the military in 2016 (the last year for which there are statistics), most of them women, more than half of whom served in the military. In the present climate of #metoo, charges of domestic violence are focused on with particular intensity by the media and the population. It is all too easy to be convicted in the press before you even go to your court martial proceeding. It is crucial that you seek out a skilled court martial attorney to assist you in what may be the hardest challenge you ever face.

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