Air Force Colonel Accused of Rape Found Dead in Colorado Home

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What should I do if I am facing sexual misconduct charges under Article 120?

A high-ranking Air Force Space Command colonel facing charges of rape was recently found dead in his Colorado home.  Police are reporting that it appears forty-six-year-old Colonel Eugene Caughey committed suicide.  Official findings from the coroner’s office will shed more light on the unexpected death.  At this time, there are no indications of foul play. 

A Long and Celebrated Career

Caughey joined the Air Force in 1993.  He survived the September 11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon and served as the 51st Space Wing vice commander at Schriever Air Force base.  A valued Air Force member, Caughey’s career hit a rocky point when he was accused of several counts of sexual offenses.

Upcoming Court Martial

Caughey was asked to step down as vice commander in June of 2015.  He faced allegations of rape, assault, adultery, among other crimes.  His court martial was scheduled to begin on October 17, just weeks before his death.  While Caughey was facing charges at the time of his death, these charges were never proven, and he is considered innocent until proven guilty. 

Defending Against Sexual Misconduct Charges Under Article 120

Sexual offenses in the military are taken very seriously and any service member facing these charges should take prompt and aggressive action.  These are not charges that should be left in the hands of a potentially inexperienced JAG (Judge Advocate General).  If you have been charged with a sexual misconduct charge, including rape, adultery, sexual assault, and more, retain the assistance of a Colorado court martial law attorney as soon as possible. 

An experienced court martial law attorney will thoroughly investigate the charges and give you a chance to combat the allegations and clear your name before your commander decides to prosecute.  Early intervention can prove essential in mitigating your charges. 

Today, court martial for sexual misconduct offenses has become more common, in part due to media pressures to punish those charged with these crimes.  Accordingly, you should consider the possibility that you will face court martial.  With a knowledgeable attorney by your side, you can present a strong defense to the charges and potentially avoid a devastating conviction.  

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